KRYMSK®5 - semi-dwarf rootstock for sweet cherries


Reducing the size of the tree by 20% -30%

Resistance to clogged moist soil

Resistance to bacterial cancer

Resistance to drought and low temperatures

Krymsk 5 comes from the intersection of dwarf cherry (P. fruticosa) and laneziana cherry (P. lannesiana) and is a rootstock suitable for cherries.

The rootstock is resistant to clogged moist soil and bacterial cancer. It is resistant to drought, to fine spots of stone fruit trees and is not subject to other leaf diseases. The root system is very well developed and free of tuberosity (Bacterium Tumefaciens). In addition, the long-term observation of trees on this rootstock ensures that tree supports are not necessary.

Abundance of yield and fruit size are comparable to the effect obtained on the 'GiSelA 5' rootstock. Experiments on the 'Kordia' variety, carried out at PPO-Fruit in Randwijk (the Netherlands), have shown that the trees on the Krymsk 5 rootstock, compared to the 'GiSelA 5' were also more resistant to high levels of groundwater.

The year-old trees have a lot of flower buds and enter the fruiting season very early. The productivity of trees in the orchard is estimated at 15-18 years.

'Krymsk 5' limits the growth of the trees by 20-30% compared to those refined on 'Colt' or 'F12 / 1'. It is also tolerant towards bark and wood diseases, including bacterial cancer. Its underground part can withstand low temperatures without damage.

From the group of known rootstocks for cherries characterized by a similar level of dwarfing, this seems to be a phenomenon on a global scale. In the multiannual assessment, one can hope that this rootstock will have a big impact on the development of dwarf cherry orchards.


Szkolka Doliński is the sole owner of a general license in Poland of semi-wood rootstocks for cherries KRYMSK®5


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